SySMA - Systems Security Modelling and Analysis

The Systems Security Modelling and Analysis (SySMA) unit at IMT Lucca deals with the development of languages and techniques for the analysis, evaluation and verification of possibly distributed systems. The SySMA unit goal is to push the use of formal methods as methodological and automatic tools for the development of high-quality, correct software and systems that are secure, fast, usable, reusable, maintainable, and modular. We also study algorithms and systems to protect the security and integrity of computer systems, the information they store, and the people who use them. We make large usage of formal methods as enabling technology also for the security-by-design development model.

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Research Activities

The SySMA unit deals with the development formal methods as methodological tools for software development. We also study algorithms to protect the security of computer systems.
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PhD Studies in Software Quality

We offer fully-funded open positions for Ph.D. students in Computer Science.
We welcome outstanding applicants from formal methods, machine learning, modeling and simulation, program verification, cybersecurity, and software engineering.
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SySMA participates in national and international projects in the research fields of interest. Projects range from pure to applied research.