MultiVeStA: Distributed Statistical Model Checking for Discrete Event Simulators


MultiVeStA is an efficient statistical analysis tool which can be easily integrated with existing discrete event simulators, enriching them with distributed Statistical Analysis and Statistical Model Checking capabilities.

The tool originally focused on transient-time analysis, but it has recently been enriched also with steady-state (or long-run) analysis capabilities. Please check here for further details on the latter.

The tool is maintained and developed by Stefano Sebastio and Andrea Vandin. The tool extends the existing VeStA and PVeStA tools.

Download MultiVeStA, and contact us for guidelines on using it.

Supported Simulators (in alphabetic order):

Our papers on MultiVeStA

Papers by OTHERS using MultiVeStA


Our work is developed within and supported by the European projects QUANTICOL 600708, and ASCENS 257414.


We are grateful to the proposers of (P)VeStA, our starting point: Gul Agha, Musab Alturki, José Meseguer, Koushik Sen and Mahesh Viswanathan.

Furthermore, we thank the main author of Alchemist (Danilo Pianini), who provided valuable help and suggestions to improve MultiVeStA, as well as Benjamin Byholm, who helped us in extending the support of MultiVeStA to python simulators. We also thank Stephen Gilmore and Mirco Tribastone, for their help in integrating MultiVeStA with BioPEPA.

Last but not least, we thank Michele Amoretti and Alberto Lluch Lafuente, who supported and suggested this work from the very beginning.


For suggestions, remarks, bugs, or to have more information about the usage of MultiVeStA, or about its integration with a simulator, please do not hesitate to contact: