This is the accompanying page for the paper:

This page contains information on how to replicate the experiments presented in the paper.

1. First of all, it is necessary to download and open ERODE. Please visit:

2. All experiments can be replicated by using the ERODE models collected here

  1. Download and decompress the archive. It contains a README that describes the structure of the archive.
  2. Right click on ERODE’s Project Explorer, select New, and click on ERODE Project. Write a name for your project, and click Finish.
  3. Drag&drop any model of interest in the created project on ERODE’s Project Explorer.
  4. Double click on a model on ERODE’s Project Explorer, and add the commands for the reductions of interest at the end of the model (before ‘end model’):
    1. reduceBDE(reducedFile=”red_BDE.ode”)
    2. reduceFDE(reducedFile=”red_FDE.ode”)
    3. reduceFE(reducedFile=”red_FE.ode”)
    4. reduceBE(reducedFile=”red_BE.ode”)
    5. reduceSMB(reducedFile=”red_SMB.ode”)

3. Run the commands by clicking on the ERODE button in the top menu bar of ERODE.