At SysMA we aim at providing formal theoretical results with strong impact in practice. For this reason, we provide tool support for many of our proposed contributions.

This page collects a number of prototypes used to validate our techniques, typically used as accompanying material of research papers. Instead, the fully-fledged tools developed and maintained at SysMA are available here.

  • C-Reducer: Automatic c-reduction of object based modules for the Maude system
  • CAGE: Category-driven Algorithm for the Generation of Emulations
  • CRNReducer: Automatic exact reduction of Chemical Reaction Networks
  • MAIA: a Maude tool for Adaptable Interface Automata
  • MESSI: Maude Ensemble Strategies Simulator and Inquirer
  • MISSCEL: Maude Interpreter and Simulator for SCEL
  • MobiCA: Mobile Cloud Computing Language
  • NEVER: Network-aware Evaluation Environment for Reputation Systems
  • SaMBa: Automatic exact reduction for the stochastic semantics of Chemical Reaction Networks
  • SLAC: A Formal Service-Level-Agreement Language for Cloud Computing
  • Twitlanger: an interpreter for Twitter interactions modeling language
  • DigDNA GA: a genetic algorithm based on the digital fingerprint encoding.