Pierpaolo Degano

IMT School for Advanced Studies Piazza San Francesco, 19 55100 Lucca (Italy)

I am Visiting Professor within the SySMA research unit of IMT Lucca; since 1990 I have been full Professor in Computer Science, from 1993 at Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Pisa, until retirement 2020.

I served as head of the Computer Science department in Pisa; chairman of the Pisa PhD programme, of the Italian Committee of PhD programmes, of the Italian Association of the Professors of Computer Science; I have been member of many international advisory boards and evaluation committees, and since 2005 member of the scientific committee of the Microsoft Research - University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology. I co-founded and chaired the IFIP TC1 WG 1.7 on Theo. Found. of Security Analysis & Design and of the POST conference; I served as chairman of many conferences; and as member of the Editorial Board of some scientific international journals.

Research Area

My main research topics include programming language semantics, security and computational biology, on which I published more than 250 papers in international conferences and journals.

I am presently developing formal theories and methods, as well as mechanisms and tools for

  • controlling and enforcing security policies, such as access control, and

  • guaranteeiing that (automatic) program transformations preserve the security when passing from a high to a low level, including the architectural ones, in the so-called secure compilation approach.

Selected Publication

  • Bartoletti M., Degano P., Ferrari G.L., and Zunino R. Semantics-based design for secure web services. IEEE Transactions of Software Engineering, 34 (10):1–17, 2008.

  • Bracciali A., Brunelli M., Cataldo E., and Degano P. Synapses as stochastic concurrent systems. Theoretical Computer Science, 408/1:66–82, 2008.

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  • Busi, M., Noorman, J., Van Bulck, J., Galletta L., Degano, P., Muehlberg, J.T., and Piessens, F. Provably Secure Isolation for Interruptible Enclaved Execution on Small Microprocessors. In Proc. 33rd IEEE CSFW, Boston, USA, p. 262–276. IEEE Computer Society, 2020.

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For a (partial) list of my publications, see my DBLP page or my SCOPUS page.