Letterio Galletta

Assistant Professor
+39 0583 4326 590
IMT School for Advanced Studies Piazza San Francesco, 19 55100 Lucca (Italy)

About me

I am Assistant Professor (RTD-B) of Computer Science within the SySMA research unit of IMT Lucca. Previously, I was postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science of University of Pisa. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pisa, in 2014.

Research activities

My research activities are in the field of language-based security, i.e., using techniques from programming languages, compilers and formal verification to address security problems. I applied these techniques to address security in different application domains like adaptive software, the Internet of Things, and firewall configurations.

Lately I have been working on:

  • Secure compilation to devise compilation chains that preserve security;

  • Languages and techniques for specifying and analyzing access control policies;

  • Formal models and static analyses for smart contracts.

Selected publications

  • L. Ceragioli, L. Galletta, P. Degano, D. Basin: IFCIL: An Information Flow Configuration Language for SELinux. IEEE CSF (2022)

  • L. Ceragioli, P. Degano, L. Galletta: Can my firewall system enforce this policy? Comput. Secur. 117: 102683 (2022)

  • M. Busi, J. Noorman, J. Van Bulck, L. Galletta, P. Degano, J.T. Mühlberg, F. Piessens: Securing interruptible enclaved execution on small microprocessors. ACM Trans. Program. Lang. Syst. 43(3): 12:1-12:77 (2021)

  • M. Bartoletti, L. Galletta, M. Murgia: A theory of transaction parallelism in blockchains. Log. Methods Comput. Sci. 17(4) (2021)

  • G. Costa, L. Galletta, P. Degano, D. Basin, C. Bodei: Natural Projection as Partial Model Checking. J. Autom. Reason. 64(7): 1445-1481 (2020)

  • C. Bodei, S. Chessa, L. Galletta: Measuring security in IoT communications. Theoretical Computer Science. 764:100-24 (2019).

  • C. Bodei, P. Degano, R. Focardi Galletta L, M. Tempesta, L. Veronese: Language-independent synthesis of firewall policies. IEEE EuroS&P (2018)

  • C. Bodei, P. Degano, R. Focardi, L. Galletta, M. Tempesta: Transcompiling Firewalls. POST (2018)

  • C. Bodei, P. Degano, G.L. Ferrari, L. Galletta: Tracing where IoT data are collected and aggregated. Logical Methods in Computer Science. 13 (2017).

  • C. Bodei, P. Degano, L. Galletta, F. Salvatori: Context-aware security: linguistic mechanisms and static analysis. J. Comp. Sec. 24(4):427-77 (2016)

  • P. Degano, G.L. Ferrari, L. Galletta: A two-component language for adaptation: design, semantics and program analysis. IEEE Trans. on Soft. Eng. 42(6):505-29 (2015)

See my Google Scholar profile or my DBLP page for a full list of publications.