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 Damiani Ferruccio ([[talkDamiani|talk]])\\ Damiani Ferruccio ([[talkDamiani|talk]])\\
 Della Longa Simone\\ Della Longa Simone\\
-De Nicola Rocco ([[talkDeNicola | talk]])\\+De Nicola Rocco ([[talkDeNicola|talk]])\\
 Dezani Mariangiola ([[talkDezani|talk]])\\ Dezani Mariangiola ([[talkDezani|talk]])\\
 Gadducci Fabio ([[talkGadducci|talk]])\\ Gadducci Fabio ([[talkGadducci|talk]])\\
Line 44: Line 44:
 Montanari Ugo ([[talkMontanari|talk]])\\ Montanari Ugo ([[talkMontanari|talk]])\\
 Shaqiri Albert\\ Shaqiri Albert\\
-Solimando Alessandro ​[no cena]\\+Solimando Alessandro\\
 Tiezzi Francesco ([[talkTiezzi|talk]])\\ Tiezzi Francesco ([[talkTiezzi|talk]])\\
 Venneri Betti\\ Venneri Betti\\
 Zucca Elena\\ Zucca Elena\\
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