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Title: Sound and complete subtyping between coinductive types for object-oriented languages

Speaker: Andrea Corradi

Authors: Davide Ancona, Andrea Corradi

Abstract: Structural subtyping is an important notion for effective static type analysis; it can be defined either axiomatically by a collection of subtyping rules, or by means of set inclusion between type interpretations, following the more intuitive approach of semantic subtyping, which allows simpler proofs of the expected properties of the subtyping relation.
In object-oriented programming, recursive types are typically interpreted inductively; however, cyclic objects can be represented more precisely by coinductive types.
We study semantic subtyping between coinductive types with records and unions, which are particularly interesting for object-oriented programming, and develop and implement a sound and complete top-down direct and effective algorithm for deciding it. To our knowledge, this is the first proposal for a sound and complete top-down direct algorithm for semantic subtyping between coinductive types.


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