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 +**Title:** Generic Traits for the Java Platform
 +**Speaker:​** Lorenzo Bettini
 +**Authors:​** Lorenzo Bettini, Ferruccio Damiani
 +**Abstract:​** We present XTRAITJ, a trait-based programming language
 +that features complete compatibility and interoperability with the
 +Java platform. XTRAITJ provides a full Eclipse IDE that aims to
 +support an incremental adoption of traits in existing JAVA projects.
 +XTRAITJ supports JAVA generics: traits can have
 +type parameters just like in JAVA , so that they can completely
 +interoperate with any existing JAVA library. Furthermore,​ XTRAITJ
 +supports JAVA annotations,​ so that it can integrate with
 +frameworks like JUNIT 4.
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