8th International Symposium on
Trustworthy Global Computing (TGC 2013)

Buenos Aires, 30-31 August 2013
(co-located with CONCUR, QEST & FORMATS 2013)

co-located with CONCUR, QEST & FORMATS 2013


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The Symposium on Trustworthy Global Computing is an international annual venue dedicated to safe and reliable computation in the so-called global computers, i.e., those computational abstractions emerging in large-scale infrastructures such as service-oriented architectures, autonomic systems and cloud computing. The TGC series focuses on providing frameworks, tools, algorithms and protocols for designing open-ended, large-scaled applications and for reasoning about their behaviour and properties in a rigorous way. The related models of computation incorporate code and data mobility over distributed networks that connect heterogeneous devices and have dynamically changing topologies.


We solicited papers in all areas of global computing, including (but not limited to):

  • theories, languages, models and algorithms;
  • language concepts and abstraction mechanisms;
  • security, trust, privacy and reliability;
  • resource usage and information flow policies;
  • software development and software principles;
  • model checkers, theorem provers and static analyzers.

Invited speakers


The latest programme of TGC and co-located events can be found here.

Accepted Papers

  • Pejman Attar and Ilaria Castellani. Fine-grained and Coarse-grained Reactive Noninterference
  • Ian Batten, Shiwei Xu and Mark Ryan. Dynamic measurement and protected execution: model and analysis
  • Marco Bernardo, Rocco De Nicola and Michele Loreti. Group-by-Group Probabilistic Bisimilarities and their Logical Characterizations
  • Johannes Borgström, Ramūnas Gutkovas, Joachim Parrow, Björn Victor and Johannes Åman PohjolaA Sorted Semantic Framework for Applied Process Calculi
  • Pablo Buiras, Deian Stefan, Amit Levy, Alejandro Russo and David Mazieres. A Library For Removing Cache-based Attacks in Concurrent Information Flow Systems
  • Andrea Corradini, Leila Ribeiro, Odorico Mendizabal and Fernando Luís Dotti. A Formal Model for the Deferred Update Replication Technique
  • Dominic Duggan and Ye Wu. Security Correctness for Secure Nested Transactions
  • Serge Haddad, Rolf Hennicker and Mikael H. MøllerSpecification of Asynchronous Component Systems with Modal I/O-Petri Nets
  • Hans Hüttel. Types for resources in psi-calculi
  • Marco Giunti and António Ravara. Static deadlock resolution in the pi-calculus
  • Diego Latella, Michele Loreti and Mieke Massink. On-the-fly Fast Mean-Field Model-Checking
  • Luísa Lourenço and Luis Caires. Information Flow Analysis for Valued-Indexed Data Security Compartments
  • Martin Nordio, Cristiano Calcagno and Bertrand Meyer. Certificates and Separation Logic
  • Gustavo Petri. Studying Operational Models of Relaxed Concurrency
  • Neda Saeedloei and Gopal Gupta. Timed pi-calculus


Steering committee

Programme chairs

Programme committee


We published the post-proceedings shortly after the conference, to give the authors the opportunity to take into account discussions and suggestions at the conference.

The post-proceedings are published in volume 8358 of Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS).

Pre-proceedings with the accepted papers were made available at the conference.

Previous TGC events

  • The first TGC event took place in Edinburgh on April 7–9, 2005 with the co-sponsorship of IFIP TC-2, as part of ETAPS 2005. TGC 2005 was the evolution of the previous Global Computing I Workshops held in Rovereto in 2003 and 2004 (see LNCS vol. 2874) and the workshops on Foundation of Global Computing held as satellite events of ICALP and Concur (see ENTCS vol. 85).
  • TGC 2006 (LNCS vol. 4661) was held in Lucca (Italy), on November 7–9, 2006. The Symposium was co-located with the reviews of the FP6 projects AEOLUS, MOBIUS, SENSORIA and CATNETS.
  • TGC 2007 (LNCS vol. 4912) was held in Sophia-Antipolis (France), on November 5–6, 2007. The symposium was co-located with the reviews of the FP6 projects AEOLUS, MOBIUS and SENSORIA, and it was followed by the Workshop on the Interplay of Programming Languages and Cryptography.
  • TGC 2008 (LNCS vol. 5474) was held in Barcelona (Spain), on November 3–4, 2008. The symposium was co-located with the reviews of the FP6 projects AEOLUS, MOBIUS and SENSORIA.
  • TGC 2010 (LNCS vol. 6084) was held in Munich (Germany), on February 24–26, 2010. The symposium was co-located with the reviews of the FP6 projects AEOLUS and SENSORIA.
  • TGC 2011 (LNCS vol. 7173) was held in Aachen (Germany), on September 9–10, 2011.
  • TGC 2012 was held in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), on September 7–8, 2012

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