We run IMT’s PhD track of Computer Science and Systems Engineering (CSSE) where we are responsible for the specialization in computer science.
PhD students will be embarking on a vibrant four-year program involving foundational and advanced courses, seminars and tutorials on cutting-edge scientific results, and individual research studies. A cohort of 15+ fellow computer science students as well as SysMA’s researchers and collaborators offer a stimulating environment where interaction, discussion, and collaboration thrive.

Applications are open for the academic year 2019/2020 (deadline 23th April 2019).
To apply or find out more see IMT’s PhD pages.

Research Approach

We strive to provide all it takes to enable our students to reach the highest levels of scholarly achievement.

As supervisors, we will help PhD students define their research questions, which will drive their studies for an intensive three-year period. We are active in many international and national research projects from which you may draw inspiration to shape your own idea. To get you started we have compiled a (nonexclusive) list of potential topics.

We will offer close and thorough guidance covering all aspects of research. We will be supportive but will also help you develop a critical mind, of fundamental relevance to assess other people’s work and to place your own with respect to the state of the art.

You will also learn how to develop your skills on academic writing, scientific presentation, and defining publication strategies.

You will have the opportunity to be exposed to a large, international network of collaborators by to taking active participation in project meetings, summer schools, and other training events. We will encourage to you build your own network by helping you disseminate your research at conferences and other symposia.


All students are based in the recently restored San Francesco complex, a fully integrated Campus in the beautiful historical center of Lucca. The Campus includes renewed residential facilities, an on-site canteen, study and living rooms, a state-of-the-art library and outdoor recreational spaces, which foster a unique cultural, professional and social environment for our doctoral program.
In addition to free room and board, successful applicants also receive a research scholarship (ca €15,000/year) to cover living costs. Additional funding to support long-term research visits is also provided.

Further reading

We have collected advice from authoritative sources how to do a PhD (with special emphasis on PhD in computer science).


For informal enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us: